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I purchased this item to help restore the natural curvature to my neck. I had been suffering from chronic migraines, neck discomfort and extreme tension specifically at the base of my skull which radiated bilaterally down into the upper trapezius area. I started using the neck support about a week ago, 10 minutes a day and I am seeing significant Improvement. The constant discomfort in my neck has diminished and I feel an improvement in my overall posture! Another thing I noticed is that prior to using this product, I was having issues with hip and leg pain.

Hellen M.

I have suffered from cervical spondylosis for over 20 years. I cannot believe how such a simple little thing provides such great relief. I also do other therapies to help with my neck (a prosleepy pillow, moving my monitor to eye level, physical therapy, a chiropractor, adding fish oil and Vitamin D to my regimen, etc.), but this is one of the most impactful therapies I've tried. For me, it didn't take much getting used to - it actually provided relief immediately.

Amanda V.

I am SHOCKED at how well this works!! I have almost daily tension headaches (thank you pandemic) from stress and Fibro - this helps so much. It puts pressure on all the right spots to release the muscles and allows relief from my pain. I use it for about 10-15 minutes 2 or 3 times a day and it has bwen great! Sleeping better too!

Melissa C.

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